Friday, August 2, 2013

Walk Local - A collection of walks between Moreton, N. Bovey and Manaton

The three Parish Councils of Moreonhampstead, North Bovey and Manaton have collaborated on a new walks booklet - Walk Local (East Dartmoor). A series of six local walks to inspire and encourage locals and visitors alike ot explore the area.

Any comments on the website - or the walks please let us know.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Manaton is a special place because...

Manaton artist, Garry Fabian Miller’s book ‘Home Dartmoor’ is a fascinating journey, through conversation with Tom Greeves, that reminds us that Manaton really is a very special place. The latest issue of the Messenger asked a number of people to express why Manaton is so special to them. But what makes Manaton so special to you?

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Garry’s own take is ‘Dartmoor is a powerful place for connecting to human traces, both structures and artefacts but also a sensed presence, a connection to a deep inhabited place. I’ve lived close to Hayne Down for 24 years. I hope I may be there for another 24 years. I feel that as each year and season passes I accumulate more experience, discover more…My knowledge of Dartmoor is broadly based on my home environment. The garden around it and the landscape fans out from there. My daily activity is centred around walking from this place. I probably walk out from here for 2-3 hours each day. I don’t feel any great desire to break out of this close domestic space – it satisfies.’

Copies of ‘Home Dartmoor’ are available from the Devon Guild and Dartmoor National Park Visitor Centres - or see